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Meetings held at the Laindon Center Click for map
Basildon & District Heart Support Group
A self-help group that helps patients and carers face the future
Affiliated to the British Heart Foundation
19th November November: To be held on Monday 19th November, will be table based discussion groups. These events are popular and give people the chance to share information as well as have a good natter.
                Dave Gillespie 12 in 12

We recently lost a very good friend of a lot of people, Dave had a massive heart which eventually took him from us, We all miss Dave so much and he was a diamond bloke who was a great friend to so many. I am running 12 marathons in 12 months in Daves memory and to raise money for the Basildon heart support group which provides equipment and care at Basildon hospital. I know Dave would call me a twat and tell me to get a bus but I am sure he would also love the idea of helping others in his memory. Please donate, we have no target and the money will be presented December 2018 after my last marathon
I start running the marathons in January so I am putting in a lot of training at the moment, I run for the Phoenix striders running club.

First marathon booked, January 14th , Kent Chocathon, wish me luck guys
First marathon  completed, its never easy running 26 miles but the thought of Dave looking down at me spurred me on. . Pain in the last three miles was immense but not as bad as the pain somebody suffering with heart problems will feel. So lets raise a little bit more for Basildon and District Heart Support Group, this group could be helping one of your loved ones soon so please spare a few pennys.. I now Dave would be very chuffed with every penny donated. . thanks guys x ,, HAVE A HEART.    I MUST BEAT 4 HOURS
   You can donate on Jim’s Just Giving pagBy clicking here
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james price
Marathon 10 completed, Blackwater navigation from Chelmsford to Heybridge and back. 4Hours 20 minutes not bad for a trail marathon, really hot first 13 miles and hurt like hell on the way back. Doing three more marathons in Daves memory and that is. lol

   Jim has now raised £1,120.00 + £187.50 Gift Aid for Hearts & Minds
      Are you doing enough ? Click link below from the BHF

Lack of exercise may lead to twice as many deaths as obesity, study claims
Welcome to five new members

In the spirit of travel, exploration and adventure, please welcome

Ranulph, Philleas, Walter, Scott and Marco to the group.
As part of our aim to inspire people we want to get the message across that there are opportunities to live a fulfilled life after a cardiac event. An element of life that is important to many people is the ability to take a holiday. We already know that many of our members regularly manage to get away to various locations within the UK, Europe and further abroad. We need to let current patients know that, in most cases, travel is still an option. To enforce this we have purchased five travel teddies for members to take away on their travels. There are three criteria for taking one off the teddies away with you:

1. The teddy must come back in good condition,

2. You need to supply a picture to be put up in Rehab,

3.  Copy to for the website,
BHF have updated four of their popular booklets in the Heart Information Series about different heart conditions and treatments, including

             blood pressure - peripheral arterial disease

                  atrial fibrillation - heart transplant

Click on the above links to download these booklets

Each booklet includes patient case studies and they offer a valuable source of information and support to patients and their families.
Next Meeting Monday 19th November
Steve Brown and Jim Roberts (left and 2nd left) with staff at the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre

Patients recovering after surgery at The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre (CTC) are benefiting from new equipment that will enhance their care, donated by Basildon and District Hearts and Minds. The charity, founded and run by people with heart disease, works to raise awareness and provide support for others with the same condition.
Jim Roberts, chair of Hearts and Minds, and Steve Brown, committee member, presented two portable suction units, worth £1,500 each, to Chelmer ward.

Liz Shaughnessy, ward manager, said: “There will sometimes be a hole in the lung following cardiac and thoracic surgery, causing air leaks that can last two to three weeks.The suction pumps draw the leaked air away.

“We have fixed suction pumps at the bedside, but the portable units enable patients to get moving more quickly after their operations. This is hugely beneficial for their recovery for several reasons - mobilising helps to prevent blood clots and also makes patients breathe more deeply and expand their lungs. And for patients who require
suction, it is restricting and can be depressing if they have to stay in their room for that time.”

Since Basildon Hearts and Minds was launched ten years ago, they have donated a total of £73,000 to the specialist heart and lung centre at Basildon Hospital. The money has additional equipment for patients, including exercise machines for the cardiac rehabilitation gym.
Steve Brown said: “I became involved with the group seven years ago after I had a cardiac arrest. You meet so many people who have gone through same thing and you realise you are not on your own.

“Like many others in Hearts and Minds I had excellent treatment at the CTC and we are keen to do all we can to help other patients.”

To mark their 10th anniversary, Hearts and Minds are holding a gala dinner at the Holiday Inn, Basildon, on Friday 21 September. There will be a three course meal, live entertainment, a raffle, an auction and a cash bar. Tickets are £30 and available from Ray Simpson on 07989 964630 or email
At our September meeting, representatives of Thorpe Bay Masonic Lodge attended to hand over a cheque for £1702. Jim Lawman, who made the presentation, is a former patient of CTC.
David March (Front Left) receiving a cheque from Jim Lawman (Front Right) with members of Hearts & Minds
December: Is our Annual General Meeting. This will be held on Friday 7th December in our usual venue  Laindon Community Centre at 7pm for a 7.30 pm start. In addition to the normal formalities there will be a buffet and the bar will be available to us.
Christmas Raffle

We are at the time of year again when we have our annual raffle. In the last 10 years we have raised over
£70000.00 which all has been spent on equipment etc for the CTC to enable them to give heart patients a greater chance of recovery from heart related problems
In order that we can continue this work, we have sent you a book of 10 raffle tickets at 50p per ticket which hopefully will give us the start for 2019 fund raising also enclosed is an addressed envelope and if you could return your tickets no later than the 4th December
If paying by cheque please it payable to:
Basildon & District Heart Support Group  or Hearts & Minds
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