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Basildon & District Heart Support Group
A self-help group that helps patients and carers face the future
Affiliated to the British Heart Foundation
Inspiration Wall  A reminder to members to put together a piece about their cardiac event and what they have been doing since then so that we can put these stories up in the gym at CTC to encourage and inspire patients currently in the early stages of their recovery process. We want to let people know that there is a life after cardiac issues and this can be from being able to walk up stairs or cut the lawn without getting breathless to going on long haul flights, running marathons and all sorts in-between. Please try to remember what may have inspired you when you were in that position and try to help those who may be having a tough time. Donna did confirm that these messages will be a very useful addition to encouraging patients to believe that there is plenty of hope after an event.
1. The teddy must come back in good condition,
2. You need to supply a picture to be put up in
the Rehab reception or gym just showing
where the teddy has been and
3. You need to send a copy of the picture and a
few words to indicate where the bear has
travelled to so that David can put it on our
website in this newly created section.
We hope that you will enjoy sharing your holiday
pictures with the group and it is fine if you wish to
keep your snaps anonymous.
As part of our aim to inspire people we want to get the message across that there are opportunities to live a fulfilled life after a cardiac event. An element of life that is important to many people is the ability to take a holiday. We already know that many of our members regularly manage to get away to various locations within the UK, Europe and further abroad. We need to let current patients know that, in most cases, travel is still an option. To enforce this we have purchased five travel teddies in the spirit of travel, exploration and adventure, please welcome Ranulph, Philleas, Walter, Scott and Marco to the group. teddies are for members to take away on their travels. There are three criteria for taking one off the teddies away with you:
Teddy's Travels
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