Registered charity in England No 1144451
Meetings held at the Laindon Center Click for map
Basildon & District Heart Support Group
A self-help group that helps patients and carers face the future
Affiliated to the British Heart Foundation
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BHF Information
a) The period of affiliation is to run until 4th July 2019

b) The Group agrees to ensure that its activities do not lead to any confusion in the public's eye with the aims of BHF. The Group and BHF recognise that the primary role of a heart support group is to provide support
to heart patients and their careers and that the Group will need to generate income to support this work.

c) A Group which is not a registered charity may incorporate the words "affiliated to the British Heart Foundation" on its letterhead or programme of activities but not the BHF logo or BHF charity number. The affiliation statement may not be used in relation to any fundraising activity.

d) The Group agrees to provide BHF with a copy of their objectives and procedures for election of officers.

e) The Group should have a bank account in its own name and keep good and accurate accounts in the interests of their members and supporters of the Group.

f) BHF recognises that Groups are independent organisations and has no claim over the funds raised and held in the Group's name. Nevertheless, Groups should be mindful that, when collecting money from the public in support of their work, the monies should be used for that specific purpose rather than accumulate in an unproductive fashion. BHF would recommend that Groups keep surplus funds to a minimum and only generate sufficient to meet their operating expenses.

g) The Group will provide a contact name and contact details. The Group will keep the BHF's Cardiac Care Administrator informed of any changes of names addresses telephone numbers of contact persons and meeting venues. This will enable BHF to maintain a national register of information for people wishing to locate their nearest support group.

h) BHF will provide public liability cover for the period of affiliation and provide support and materials as set out in the "Guidelines to Affiliation". You are reminded of the need to advise the insurer immediately of any claim, or incident likely to give rise to a claim (via Aon Limited, acting as Insurance Broker for the BHF) and not to make any admission of liability.

i) The Group recognises the role of the British Heart Foundation as the principal charity involved in heart research and its work in supporting rehabilitation programmes, purchasing of cardiac care equipment for use within NHS and the supply of educational materials to schools, the public and the medical profession.